I’m Watkins – I’m a member Holy Order of Viking Draftspeople (#HOVD) a guild of comic artists dedicated to developing their craft in the early hours of the morning.  I’ve loved drawing and loved practicing drawing for as long as I can remember.  In the 2011 University of Mary Washington Annual Student Art Exhibition, my sketchjournal “Passive Observer of the Ordinary” received the Department Award in Drawing.  Its success was partly due to the integration of images and text, the investigation of which led to the renewal of my interest in comics.  I’m using a Wacom Intuos3 and SketchBook Pro to paint and letter The SHADOW of RAGNARÖK,  the largest digital painting endeavor I’ve entered upon, as well as my first collaborative comic.

My name is Nathalie Scarbrough, I am a Junior English Major with a concentration in Creative Writing at the University of Mary Washington. Writing and reading have always been a passion of mine, but it was not until this semester that I have a new found love for graphic novels. I also have some experience in graphic design and photography. For the webcomic, I am in charge of putting together the website itself, as well as our Facebook, so that we could share this with the world! After graduation I plan on teaching Elementary School within Fairfax County. My passion is children, I feel that if we help the youth to grow and learn, the world could be a better place. Children are like sponges and I hope to fill them up with knowledge that will take them higher than they thought possible!

My name is Stephen Rechter, I’m a sophomore English major at the University of Mary Washington. I’ve maintained a mild interest in comics/graphic novels since childhood that has somewhat piqued as of late. My true passion is in film, one I’m gaining new perspective on from reading more graphic novels. I also enjoy creative writing, music, songwriting, and playing guitar. I’ve also always had a bit of love for visual design. My dream job would be to live off of critiquing movies or to be a film composer.

Josh Roberts is a Junior majoring in Creative Writing.  For the last year, most of his writing has been focused on poetry but he was excited to try his hand at fiction again.  The Shadow of Ragnarök is the first web comic he’s collaborated on.

My name is Andre Keng Sanixay. I am an English major interested in Creative Writing. After I complete my major, I plan to focus on teaching college English, specifically Creative Writing. This web-comic is a big role in my plan to publish my personal works. I have created many works of fiction, but I haven’t really publicized them. Ever since I was a kid, I have always enjoyed cartoons. I wanted to make cartoons in my adulthood, and I still want to.



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